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Top 10 Best Eminem Lines And Lyrics

                    Eminem is certainly one of the best hip hop artists ever but his good looks and production connections are not what separates him from other rappers.He made his lane with authentic lyrics although his flow wasn't always beeing unique.He was influenced by Nas and AZ among others, but he is the first rapper that talked bad about his mother and his ex wife.Inspiration driven and fame and money motivated like a grown man he is.Some of his lyrics came from everyday struggle and some of them are just the pieces from his wild imagination.Whether false or true,happy or sad,aggressive or not,calm or upset,his hysteric voice and delivery proved that beeing different is a must in todays hip hop business.

                     Lyrics and lines stated in this blog post are my personal rigorous selection of the best Shady moments ever.I laughed,I smiled and I used to put myself in deep thinking every time I heard them.Every time when you deal with his music it seems like you are entering in a whole another world,world full of chaos,misery,suffering,comedy,wealth,hedonism and satisfaction all mixed up in one album.He is saying much in only half minutes of listening to his previews or single verses.There is no denying that he is truly devoted to his style and Stans around the world.His rhymes are eclectic and energetic and they are coming straight from the head of a man who is living a real fairytale.So here they are the top 10 best Eminem's lines and lyrics.

1."Buck with me,I been through hell,shut the hell up,I am trying to develop these pictures of the Devil to sell 'em. "

Well thought metaphor made its way to the listener faster than a ray of light.
While he was still underground a lot of people doubted him.When he said he was without money and broke,he meant it and it is true he really had a tough childhood.He is a fan of the comics and movies and maybe this crazy picture developing inspiration came from old classic movies and comics where high technology of photography wasn't adopted at that time.Shut means close your mouth and people are closing their doors every time when they want to develop pictures in an old fashioned way.

2."You ain't gonna sell two copies if you press a double album."

We know a double album is charged as two or sometimes as one album and this is a simple pun.Rhyme is pointed toward the wack rappers and it is a little bit predictable with the taste of Eminem's irony.One double album has two volumes and two double albums have 4 discs all together.

3."Teacher,teacher,quick I need a naked nurse!"

Marshall has a sense of humour.This request was the only funny thing in a bully oriented song and young Marshall was bullied as a kid in school very often.He made mockery and satire of his frustrations and he monetized them very,very well as a grown person later on.

4."Prince turned himself into a symbol."

Prince was still alive at the time "Without Me" dropped and he was labeled as an "Artist" or "Artist formerly known as Prince".Eminem maybe wanted to say that in 2002 Prince was without charting music hits.This is disrespectful from Eminem but Eminem is often saying things just to cause the reactions and create controversies sometimes.Prince is a legend in his own craft and he was assaulted by Mr.Mathers just like Micheal Jackson was assaulted in 2004.

5."I think Stanabis jumped off the bridge again,he dissapeared yo he's gone he did it again."

Another assault,this time pointed to Canibus.Canibus wanted to make a song with Eminem and when he heard preview of a Canibus's song he didn't like it,he wasn't feeling it.Canibus was hurt and of course,beef started and they haven't squashed it even after so many years.Eminem made fun of Canibus and this sequence of jumping from the bridge and dissapearing while still in the air is inspired by some good cartoons this time.

6."His gift is a curse."

Painful line.Marshall's private life is suffering because of his worldwide recognised career.He is proud of his beliefs at the same time we must agree.
It is what it is.It is all about making the right choices and Marshall is surely a better father than a husband.

7."You are in my medicine ball,friends."

He is aware of his success and the whole world is rotating around him.
It is arrogant but fans still love him.He is looking at the world as a big medicine ball and he can shake it because he is coming from the position of power.

8."It's elementary.The elephants have entered the room.I venture to say we're the centre of attention it's true."

Real braggadocious rap is in this one.Song made with Dr. Dre and 50 Cent full of laid back positivity.
Listen to the whole and the chorus to get the better picture of what he is saying along with his friends.

9."I got an elevator in my house."

Statement of a fine living and well deserved lifestyle from a hard working man like Slim Shady is.
It is not a metaphor it is a fact.

10."Mainstream appeal but the skill is what made me iller."

Marshall is working out and he is handsome in his videos but his rap is what he is the most famous for,not the body.This should be a motto and a mantra for the musicians and superstars nowadays.

Photo source:Sabin Fricke (author of a photo)

Title of  a photo : Graffiti of Eminem in Shanghai,China

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